About Us


Sensei Kristalyn

“Sensei K” as she is often called, started martial arts at age 12 and is currently a 3rd degree black belt. She has trained under Shihan David Nori, Master Daniel Sterling (very well known in the world tournament circuit), and Master Derrick Clark. Her specialties are kata (forms) and kobudo (weaponry).

Sensei Chase

Started training karate in 2015 under Master Derrick Clark, and continued training privately at an accelerated pace with Sensei Kristalyn. He attained a black belt in just 2 ½ years, and is working toward becoming a world class instructor and a skilled fighter. His specialties are self-defense and sparring.


Our newly opened dojo features a padded training floor as well as a traditional wood floor section. We also have a foam pit for safe XMA training. We will be continually adding improvements as we grow.

  • High quality training equipment for safe practice
  • Weights and resistance bands for high performance conditioning
  • Variety of martial arts weapons for in-dojo use
  • Quality flooring for all types of training, and XMA foam pit