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For Kids

Our kids classes offer a structured curriculum, incorporating skill building with fun. The skilled instructors include a variety of activities to keep kids interested and engaged, while keeping the class disciplined and focused at the same time. Our curriculum teaches more than just martial arts; we teach age-appropriate skills kids need to succeed in life.

Ryuchi Kempo Karate

For ages 7 to 15. A hybrid style of karate, incorporating techniques of Shotokan, Goju-ryu, and Shaolin Kempo. Our custom diverse curriculum has been nearly 20 years in the making, and is designed to build a range of skills to develop the mind and body. Students will learn self-defense, sparring skills, forms, and weapons.

Xtreme Martial Arts

For ages 7 and up, with instructor permission. This awesome curriculum is for students who have boundless energy, but are also focused and dedicated. Students will work on high-flying kicks, flips and spins, and weapon tricks. Must be at least an orange belt and get instructor permission to enter this program.

Little Tiger Program

For ages 3 to 6. Is your child too young to enter our regular karate program? This is the perfect class to get them ready. Structured playtime developing the body, emboldening emotions, and enriching the mind. This custom program is designed to prepare a young student for martial arts training, and introduce them to basic life skills. Concepts taught include: self control, spacial awareness, fine motor skills, balance, focus, and peer interaction.

For Teens & Adults

Our adult classes are aimed at helping each individual identify strengths and weaknesses, as well as setting and attaining goals. The benefits of martial arts extend beyond the dojo, giving you the confidence and tools to tackle the challenges of everyday life.

Ryuchi Kempo Karate

For ages 16 and up. A hybrid style of karate, incorporating techniques of Shotokan, Goju-ryu, and Shaolin Kempo. Our custom diverse curriculum has been nearly 20 years in the making, and is designed to build a range of skills to develop the mind and body. Skills learned include: self-defense, sparring, forms, and weapons.

Cardio Kickboxing

For ages 13 and up. Want a good workout? This is the class for you. Also a great supplement for our regular karate class to develop speed and power in your strikes and kicks!

Street Defense

For ages 13 and up. Learn to defend yourself in a variety of situations in a safe and supportive environment. Great as a stand-alone class or as a supplement to regular karate training. Skills taught include: common attack defense, grab and restraint escapes, weapon disarming, and situation awareness.

For Special Needs

We understand that some individuals have specific challenges that may make it difficult to be in the mainstream classes. Our instructors are experienced working with those who have special needs. We are patient, compassionate, and dedicated to helping each student reach their individual goals.

Adaptive Karate

We initiate innovative solutions through compassion and comradre. This class takes the material from our regular curriculum, and adapts it to fit each student’s needs. This may mean reducing the amount of material learned, one-on-one walkthrough, or supplementing certain techniques for those with physical limitations. Benefits of this program include: building confidence, individual skill building, peer interaction, and an adaptive curriculum.

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons for children, teens, adults, and those with special needs. If you or your child needs one-on-one instruction to thrive, or you're looking to supplement your regular classes with a deeper understanding of martial arts concepts, private instruction may be a great option. Appointments are dependent on instructor availability, and need to be booked at least 48 hours ahead of time. Please contact us for pricing and to book an appointment.

Lesson Options

You choose what you'd like to cover in your private lesson. This can include the Ryuchi Kempo curriculum, self-defense, grappling, weapons, XMA, and conditioning. Or, you can let your instructor guide your lesson based on our professional observation on what you would most benefit from. We also offer semi-private lessons for up to 4 people in a group.


Online booking platform coming soon! In the meantime, please use the contact info below to book a lesson:

Sensei Kristalyn
[insert email] | 978-491-1882

Sensei Chase
[insert email] | [insert phone]

Pricing Options

We want everyone to be able to enjoy the benefits of martial arts, regardless of their income bracket. That's why we have structured several pricing options and membership packages, and eliminated all the extra fees that other dojos often charge. We have even created a give-back program for families who cannot afford to pay anything, so they will be able to enjoy our martial arts programs like anyone else. We don't charge testing fees, we don't charge excessive overhead to puchase equipment or uniforms, we don't charge to participate in our in-house tournaments, and we periodically offer community self-defense seminars for free!

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